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This is a 4-room WG. The room is about 13 m^2 and is fully furnished (desk, chair, cupboard, bed). It also has a large window so the room is very bright when one opens the curtain.
The WG is also equipped with washing machine, dryer, fridge, bakery oven etc.


The WG is located in Konstanzer Str. 4 Rohrbach. The closest bus/tram station is Freiburger Strasse, which is about 4 minute-walk. It takes about 15 minutes to arrive in Bismarckplatz if you take the tram. By bike it takes around 25 minutes.

Penny, REWE, Kaufland etc. are all round the corner. The REWE nearby closes at 23:59, so you can easily grab some food/drinks at night when you are hungry : )


You will be living with 3 other people:
-Amol: a master student who has just graduated
- Jacomo: a student
- Ernst: a doctor who lives in the WG only 3 days a week and for other time he doesn't live in Heidelberg

They are also super easy-going and are all cool people. We sometimes cook together and chit-chat in the pantry and we all have fun time together. It is expected that you should respect other people's privacy so there is a balance between spending time together and having time alone.


If you are interested in the room, please leave me a message. Look forward to hearing from you.


Unterkünfte vom 15.07.2020 bis zum 14.08.2020 in Heidelberg weiblichmännlich
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