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Big Room in Community House with Garden


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Hey People!
I'm looking for a very reliable and trustworthy person as Zwischen Mieter for my nice room.
The room is spacius and faces west, with sun the whole evening till sunset.

Right know all my things and instruments are there but I can of course make space for you as needed. zBsp the cembalo can be removed if necessary, although it's a little bit a pain to do so. Overall I think we can just find an arrangement to what to leave and what to put away :)

Renting is from the 15 November to 15th December ad it's because of my traveling.

Depending on your situation and on what's left in the room we might agree on a Deposit.
That's to be seen :)


I live in a WG which is part of a beautiful 4 floors community house in Plagwitz, with garden and a whole floor of common space, ping pong, terrasse, you name it!

The groundfloor is common and the other 3 are each 1 WG, but we all know eachother and do things together and we all share garden and we usually meet once a month in a plenum (but you don't have to if you don't want to) :)


there are 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen

you'll live with:

Lasse: phisics bachelor starting to study now to become teacher. passionate climber and often hanging around or traveling with his bus.

Jasmine: doing Phisiotherapy ausbildung, nice joyful lady with a passion for tiger-panther patterned textiles

Markus: owner of the house and single father. Hausmeister, general builder and caretaker of garden. Nice, grounded, dynamic person, with studies in politics.

Milena: gentle and kind, studied Psicology and doing training to become therapist now. Likes table games and badmington.

Sonja: also psycologist and mediator, likes tables games, hikes and making jams

Nora: teenager daughter of Markus, nice and sweet, like to draw and do games and adventures

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