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++++++++++ Internationals welcome ++++++++++++
my name is Rebecca. As I am going abroad for an exchange semester, I am renting out my room. I would love to rent it from February to August but I understand, if that is inconvenient for some, so the period is not exactly fixed.
Your future room is the sunniest room in the house and I will leave a bed, cabinet, desk, chair, commode, and a small shelf for you to use. In my opinion, it is cozy but offers exactly the right amount of space you need. Very obviously the best room, which is why I do not want to move out finally ;).

The best thing about our flat is the large balcony and the garden, which we love to use. The flat is spread over two floors (plus a basement with lots of storage space). Upstairs are our rooms and the large bathroom. From the hallway, we have access to the balcony. On the ground floor are our cute kitchen, the dining room with a view of the garden, and a guest toilet. Separated from the flat is the landlord's office. During office hours, we should therefore not make too much noise, but there have never been any problems. He is very nice and we can always reach him.
Our neighbors are also very friendly, we like to borrow their fire bowl or pet the cat that comes to visit us in the garden.


Our flat is close to the city center and the uni (both are about 10-15 minutes by bike). The next bus stop is just around the corner which is great if you are running late, like some of our flatmates. There is a supermarket on the same street as well as a bakery. Overall, the flat is exactly in the middle of Lüenburg.


We are a flat of 3 people:
We like to spend time together in our cozy living room and do activities (city trips or other trips into nature). Do you feel like living in a shared flat with evenings together, watching films, cooking or playing games, but you are

also a rather quiet person? We are not exactly the kind of party flat but that does not mean, people cannot come over. Then you've come to the right place.
Jolanda and Lotte will be sharing the flat with you. Both of them are excited to have an international student as a flatmate. It would be nice if you are reasonably tidy (the cleaning plan is not there for decoration :D). If you like this too, we would be happy to get to know you!

Jolanda (24): I am studying environmental sciences in my last semester. I am a vegetarian and try to live as vegan and environmentally friendly as possible. In my free time I am quite active. I play the violin in the orchestra at university and sometimes at home. I am also involved in a climate initiative. I like to be outdoors in nature, but I also like to be cozy at home listening to music or cooking. Now and then I devote myself to a book. On warmer days you can often find me on the balcony or in the garden on a blanket.
I also like to go to various events, which there are plenty of here in Lüneburg. I'm always up for trips by bike or on foot, into nature or into a city :)

Lotte (19): I am studying political sciences in the first semester, so I am pretty new in Lüneburg. I like to go on walks or cozy up with a good book, when I am not hanging out with friends. Occasionally, I’ll be walking around the house singing, as well as playing my Ukulele. I am always down to try out new vegan recipes. I am very excited for my first summer here!


Unfortunately, the ancillary costs might increase somewhat due to the higher heating prices, but we do not yet know how much. There are additional costs due to the broadcasting fees (GEZ), which every household has to pay. Luckily, we can split this among the three of us, so it is not that much (6.06€ per month to be precise).



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