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    Informatik-Masterstudent [TUM] sucht aktive und freundliche WG

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Weitere Angaben über mich

My name is Alex, I am a working master student, at TUM - Informatik. As such, my schedule is closer to that of a working professional, with most of my day spent outside of the house. Currently, I live in Garching, but will need to move out at the beginning of February and am looking for a long-term option.

I will not spend too much time at home, mostly on campus and at work. When we all have free time, I would like to get to know my roommates a little, perhaps over dinner, movie or maybe a board /video game. I think board games are a great way to get to know each other! I like to watch something when I eat or rest with my latest favorite being Brooklyn 99. Bingpot if you are also a fan!

I think the most important thing to have with roommates is open communication. Previously, I lived in the US for a year and then in the UK for another year and never had any problems with landlords or roommates. I mostly lived with PhD students and graduates and we were all different but got along because we always talked to each other if anything was bothering us. I am easy to communicate with and think any uncomfortable discussion is made better with a little humor :)

I enjoy being outdoors and prefer cycling or walking rather than public transport. Hopefully, will have more free time to resume swimming! In general, I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and like cooking for myself (would be open to sharing cooking techniques and recipes). I really enjoy exploring the nearby regions, hiking and camping. I want to get back into snowboarding and would love it if you showed me good and affordable places.

When it comes to music, alternative rock is probably my favorite genre. Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons and Arctic Monkeys are probably my favorites. Some pop and lyrical hip-hop as well. This music is for my high energy moments :)
I am also fond of piano and cello songs. My favorite would be Ludovico Einaudi and of course the classics like Vivaldi. I also like jazz and funk. Instrumental music is usually on when I am studying or reading.
Actually, I listen to all kinds of music depending on the mood...

I value cleanliness just as much as everyone do, maybe even more. Growing up in an Asian family there are always pretty strict rules around how to use common facilities and how to take care of them 😂

This is already a long text wall, so let me know if you think we can be good roommates and I'd like to chat with you! I am still learning German, so hope English is fine for you.



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