3 tips for your search: How to increase the scope of your ad

The wider the scope of your ad, the faster your search will be successful. Here are 3 tips on how this can be realized easily.

By creating a request or an offer at WG-Gesucht.de you have successfully mastered the first step towards your new home or a new flatmate. To enhance your chances of success, we recommend to draw attention to your ad by using your social networks. Read 3 tips on how to easily increase the scope of your ad this way.

Tip 1: Add your ad URL to your WhatsApp status

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and successful apps for the exchange of messages. In addition to communicating with your family and friends, you can also use the messenger for your search for accommodation or the search for a new roommate or tenant. How? By adding the ad URL to your WhatsApp status. Your WhatsApp contacts will become aware of your search and might be able to help you. This way, your ad will get a wider scope. The following video shows how you can add the ad URL to your status.

Tip 2: Use Instagram for your search

Using Instagram, you can take, edit and share photos, send videos and messages to friends and family. There are no limits to your creativity. But did you know that Instagram can also assist your search? To do so, add the link of your ad to your Instagram profile. Tell your friends and followers that the link is available in your profile and it can easily be accessed there. Perhaps a friend of a friend knows someone who has a room or an apartment available for rent or is looking for an accommodation himself. The following video shows how it works.

Tip 3: Upload a video to your ad

The better the advertiser and landlords get to know you, the greater are your chances of success. We recommend to upload photos to your ad. Consider what effect you want to achieve: a natural holiday photo looks different than an application photo. A video provides an even more realistic idea of you. Upload a short video of yourself on YouTube in which you introduce yourself. This video will appear in the gallery of your ad. How you can do that? Take a look at this video.

Are you interested in further tips and tricks for your search? Subscribe to the official YouTube channel of WG-Gesucht.de. We wish you much success!

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