Creating an offer: This is how you successfully place an ad

Detailed information is essential to rent your room or flat more quickly. Here you can find some tips on how to create your ad.

A big living room with a white sofa, a vintage coffee table, a white rug and shelves full of books
The eye is also searching. Ads with pictures are therefore viewed more often. Our tip: upload high quality images of every room and your residential area.


The most important thing in a nutshell:

  • Take some time to create your ad. Informative ads get higher quality inquiries.

  • Title, photos, and text are most important. A meaningful title and attractive photos arouse attention, the text allows you to provide detailed and individual information.

  • Provide as much information as possible about the equipment, as this can be filtered. List all costs and give the full property address to avoid unsuitable inquiries.

  • You decide how your name is published and whether you want to be contacted via the messaging system or by phone. A full name gives a more serious impression.

  • Share your ad on social media to reach even more people searching for accommodation.

  • Our sample offer can serve as an orientation for a successful ad. We wish you much success with your advertising!


If you want to find a trustworthy tenant, short term tenant, subsequent tenant or flatmate quickly, an informative ad is the best starting point. Take your time to create the ad for your room or flat and upload appealing pictures. This way the prospected tenant can get a realistic picture – which in turn motivates convincing and high-quality applications. Below we summarized the most important points for you.

Ad title, ad text and pictures

Ad title – the guarantor of attention:The ideal ad title is as descriptive as possible. Already point out the greatest amenities of the flat. That can be the location, the facilities, the price or something very individual that makes your apartment unique. For example: “18m² room in a shared flat with big living room in Simon-Dach-Kiez, from 1.5.” or “modern 2 room flat in central location with south-facing balcony, 800€ all-in, parking spot for additional 20€”. The ad title appears in the result list (detailed and gallery view) and is therefore one of the first things a searcher sees. If you’re uncertain, you can find a few suggestions for title designs in our list of text modules.

Ad text – the heart of your offer:The ad text gives you the opportunity to inform in detail: Describe the assets of the room or flat and formulatethe requirements for your tenant, short term tenant, subsequent tenant or flatmate. Indicate local conditions such as transport connections, shopping facilities, etc. If you advertise a room, we advise you to describe life in the flatshare in detail. Because only if the flatshare residents have the same idea about living together, a harmonious long term coliving is possible. When formulating your ad text precisely you will get purposeful contact requests. Ads with a minimum of 150 words are rented the fastest.

Photos – your ad’s business card:Photos are the first things interested parties see when they call up your ad. Capture everything that makes your flat stand out, like big windows, the balcony or the high-class-bathroom. Make sure your flat is neat and tidy before taking the pictures. Pay attention to the quality and resolution of the photos and take them by daylight. Upload photos of every room and outdoor shots. People who are interested in your apartment will get an impression of the neighborhood and of how it feels to live there. Even though pictures speak for themselves, add a caption. Ideally, the caption should provide additional information, that is not visible in the picture.

Information about the object, costs and object adress

 A balcony with plants and a white living room suite
The apartment has a balcony? Then indicate this in the equipment features of your flat. This will help others to find your ad more easily.

Information about the object – the basic structure of your ad:On you have the possibility of indicating many of your flat’s features via checkboxes and thus give a detailed picture of your offer. Whether the apartment has a garden or a balcony, whether it’s barrier-free or furnished or whether pets are allowed, can also be filtered. If any of the given characteristics apply to the room or flat, we recommend that you tick them. This will get your ad more views.

Costs – an important criterion for exclusion:As costs, you can enter rent, utilities, miscellaneous costs, and deposit. Please specify all costs. This way you will anticipate further inquiries. If you request an advance payment, we recommend that you list the furnishings and their respective prices in detail in the ad text. Please note that the higher the advance payment, the lower the chances of finding a new tenant. As a general rule, if you provide pricing information that is too low or incomplete, you may get contacted by those who can't afford the flat which is just a waste of time for you.

Object's address - the multiplier for contact requests:Many people are only looking for a room or an apartment in a certain area. We therefore recommend you state the complete object address. Only then will your ad be found through the radial search and get more views. Of course, you are free to not give away the full address. For example, you can leave out the house number or state a fantasy name like "xxx" in the "street" field. Please note that you may receive fewer inquiries by providing an incomplete or fictional address.

Contact details and social networks

Contact details - you make the decision:You can decide for yourself how your name is displayed in the Ad. A total of five options is available to you. You can change your public name any time via "My profile - Name Display Status". Displaying your full name in the Ad adds to your credibility. It’s also up to you to decide whether you'd like to be contacted via email or telephone. The first contact can conveniently be made via our contact form. Your email address will only be visible to interested parties when you respond to a request. If you provide a landline and/or mobile phone number, you can state your preferred contact times. That way you have full control.

Share your ad - the trick for a wider range of applicants:After creating your ad we offer you the possibility to share it on Facebook with just a few clicks. You can decide whether to share your ad on your own or on your friends' timeline, or in an apartment search Facebook group or if you want to send it as a private message. Also, ask your friends and acquaintances to share your ad. According to our experience, a like on Facebook gives your ad about 25 percent more views on average. You can also draw attention to your ad via Instagram and WhatsApp. The greater the scope of your ad, the faster your search will be successful. Read the following three tips on how to increase the scope of your ad with ease.

Read enough? If you want to see how a successful ad looks like, take a look at our sample offer. We wish you much success in your search for a tenant or flatmate!

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