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Flatshare search: Example of a successful flatshare application

Are you unsure about what information is important for a flatshare application? Our example of a successful flatshare application will help you out.

Young woman in front of a notebook
Taking some time is highly recommended to write a successful application.

The application letter/email is the first contact with your potential future flatmates. A good first impression is essential to help make you stand out from all the other applications. Especially at the beginning of the flatshare search, some searchers do not know what they have to consider. When you are searching for your very first flatshare, you might be unsure what to write. To help you out, we have created a sample flatshare application that can serve you as a guide and inspiration.

Example for a successful flatshare application

Hey Lisa,

I saw your advertisement for the room in Stuttgart-West, is it still available? My name is Marie, I’m 22 years old, currently live in Tübingen and I’ve finished my Bachelor’s in German studies there. Since I’m going to study my Master’s degree in Stuttgart, I’m looking for a flatshare room as of now.

As requested from you, I don’t smoke. I don’t have a pet hair allergy, so living with your cat won’t be a problem. I have my own bedroom furniture. I also have a couple other bits and pieces (sofa, coffee table, etc.) and a coffee machine, which I would be more than happy for everyone to use :-)

Just like you, I like to be clean, so I don’t need a cleaning roster to clear away my stuff. I lived in England for two years and gained experience in living in a flatshare there.

I like spending my spare time with my friends, a good book (thriller) or yoga once in a while. I am always up for a barbecue evening or a glass of wine on the couch with action movies. You wrote in the advertisement that you are looking for more than just someone to help pay the rent, so we can do some things together once in a while, right? Nothing stands in the way of a collective binge watching and film evenings thanks to my huge DVD collection :-) As far as time and money permit, I am crazy about travelling. I loved the Philippines when I went there last summer, but city trips to Prague and such are also highlights for me.

I’m free to visit/meet you every afternoon from 4pm; Saturday and Sunday usually all day. If you think we’re compatible, I’ll be very happy to hear from you! If you have further questions please just write me!

Cell phone: 000000000000000 (I’m best reachable from 4 pm), https://de-de.facebook.com/public/Marie



Checklist for the flatshare application

Checklist with a green pent
Checklist for your flatshare application: These information should be part of your message.

Before you send your flatshare application, please check that it fulfills the following points:

- Is your cover letter written with a personal touch and detailed?

- Not too long and without empty/meaningless phrases?

- Does your application cover all the points covered in the advertisement text; thus, showing your interest in the flatshare and its residents?

- Did you mention how and when you can be best contacted and when you have time to visit?

If you responded to all of those questions with “YES”, you have made a good start in your flat share search. With this, and a little bit of luck, you should receive an invite to come meet your future flatmates.

Last but not least: Please note that there is nothing wrong with using an e-mail template. However, always make sure that you change it as required. Make sure you have their correct name and that the message responds to their advertisement. Someone who sends identical applications to all offers generally receive only a few replies. Make sure this is not you by altering your application letter as required.

How you convince them of yourself at the flatshare visitation, you can read in another article. For the moment, we wish you a lot of fun and success in writing your flatshare application!

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