How to write a successful application for accommodation: 5 tips

Your message is the first and crucial contact to the advertiser. You should take into consideration the following tips while writing your application for accommodation.

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To write a successful apartment application, you should take some time.


The current situation regarding apartment-hunting is similar in many cities: The demand is exceeding the offering notably. Offerors are often receiving a dozen requests in a short amount of time. The following tips will help you formulate a significant request and thus increase the chances of receiving a response and an invitation to an apartment viewing.

Tip 1: Differentiate between landlord and current tenant

It is mandatory to address the offeror with the correct title and the name stated in the advertisement. The trick that needs to be learned is realizing whether the landlord or the current tenant has inserted the advertisement. If you know that, you are able to adapt your request accordingly. You should always address the landlord formally and for example, include a link to your profile of a professional network like Xing or LinkedIn. This way, you can emphasize your respectability. You can address the current tenant informally and write a more casual. For inspiration, read our template for a successful accommodation application. There, you can read one exemplary letter to the landlord and one to the current tenant.

Tip 2: Build trust

It is the nightmare of every offeror to trust unreliable tenants. If you are transparent, you can provide yourself an advantage over your competitors. For example, you get along well with your current landlord? Suggest establishing contact so your potential new landlord can ask your previous landlord about his experience. You should propose yourself that you are more than willing to submit your employment contract, certificate of salary and SCHUFA disclosure if required. Also, if you state the reason for your relocation, you are being transparent and thus able to build trust.

Tip 3: Find the correct length

Your message to the offeror should be structured, personally written and contain all crucial information, but still be not too long. According to a survey among landlords, the appropriate text length varies between 220 and 250 words. Your request starts with the appropriate salutation and a brief reference to the accommodation or the advertisement. Therefore, the offeror can be sure that you have read the advertisement and are serious about it. Afterwards important information follows - for instance your name and if applicable the name of your partner or flat mate, age, profession (possibly income), the reason for relocation and lastly your contact details including your available dates for viewing the accommodation.

Tip 4: Provide additional options for contact

Some offerors like to have a personal impression of you - and this is often mediated through voice. State your mobile number in your request. Share the time you are best accessible with the offeror. After all, the offeror does not want to call after you. And why not also send the profile link of a social media platform or professional network? Thus, you leave it to the offeror to choose the preferred type of contacting.

Tip 5: Remain in positive memory

By choosing the correct salutation, you make a good first impression. However, also the last impression matters. With a polite sendoff, you remain in positive memory. For example, you can wish the offeror to have a good day or express your excitement regarding a possible viewing date or a personal get to know each other. Alternatively, you can thank the offeror for the time he has taken to read the message. How about the following version? "We are more than happy to answer further queries and we are very excited, if we get the chance to view the accommodation." Or: "Have a nice day and I am looking forward to getting the chance of viewing the accommodation. Thank you your time."

If you take into consideration these five tips and have a little bit of luck, the offeror will probably invite you to a viewing very soon. A successful example of an application for accommodation is shown in our template. Good luck!

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