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Non-communal flatshare: Cash is king

The inhabitants of a non-communal flatshare live together to save costs. Joint activities are limited to talking about the cleaning schedule and the use of the bathroom.

 Closed doors in a non-communal flatshare
Closed doors: In a non-communal flatshare the inhabitants often keep to themselves.


"It´s all about the money" – this phrase perfectly describes why people live in a non-communal flatshare. The inhabitants share a flat to save rent and additional costs. Community life does not really matter, and joint activities are very rare. The relationship between the inhabitants is limited to agreements about the use of common areas.

Non-communal flatshare: An established tradition thanks to many advantages

The way of living together in a non-communal flatshare has famous examples. Already in the 19th century there were people who thought about sharing a flat with non-relatives to save money.
Arthur Conan Doyles describes the beginning of the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as a pure non-communal flatshare. Flatshares in which the inhabitants do not know each other before moving in and barely spend time together can still gradually develop and become a “communal flatshare”. Therefore, the non-communal flatshare still has the potential of making new friends. However, home seekers should not rely on that when choosing this flatshare-type because it is rather exceptional than common.

People who live in a non-communal flatshare enjoy an undisturbed and independent flatshare live. Their groceries do not suddenly disappear from the fridge and due to separate connections, there are no problems with telephone/internet bills or the utilities statement. On the other hand, there are no joint cooking sessions, Sunday brunches with the flatmates or house parties on the weekends. A non-communal flatshare is therefore only ideal if you like having your peace.

If a flatshare describes itself in the advertisement as a non-communal flatshare, seekers should not be deterred. This does not mean that the flatmates do not start joint activities because they do not get along and just need to rent the room. There are inhabitants who wish for this individuality in their own home. The viewing will show if the relationship between the inhabitants is tense or if this flatshare-type works well for everyone living in the apartment.

Suitable candidates for a non-communal flatshare

Young woman reading
You cannot expect joint activities in a non-communal flatshare.

People who do not want to live in a cuddle-flatshare like the flatmates in the US sitcom Friends and prefer to have their peace should look for a non-communal flatshare. This flatshare-type fits especially for people who do not want to be bound to social obligations and enjoy being on their own. Not everybody who comes home after a long day in the office or at university looks forward to joint cooking sessions or watching a movie together. Professionals who need to travel or move a lot due to their jobs prefer to live in non-communal flatshares as well. For them, it is not important to make new friends in their flatshare because they will not stay for long. The same can go for commuters who drive home over the weekends or for short-term tenants.

It is crucial that the inhabitants live in a flatshare for the same reasons: Someone who looks for a flatshare because he or she only wants to save money will not be happy in a flatshare that puts emphasis on joint activities. For people who moved to a new city for a job or for studying and who want to find friends soon, a non-communal flatshare may be difficult. Usually, the flatmates are not interested in helping the newbie to make new friends or to find his or her way in the new city. Students who want to get to know people in a new city will feel more comfortable in a students-only flatshare.

Before starting to search for a flatshare, you should really think about how much contact you want to have with your roommates and decide between a “non-communal” or a “communal flatshare”.

How to find a non-communal flatshare on WG-Gesucht.de

If you want to find a non-communal flatshare, please click the button “OFFERS” in the menu and select the section “FLATSHARES”. Now click “More Options” in the overview, click “Flatshare Types” and select “Non-Communal”. By clicking “ENABLE FILTER”, you filter the offers for the ones marked as non-communal flatshares by the advertisers. We wish you good luck finding your flatshare!

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