Organizing a flat-viewing: What you need to know as a flatshare

A well-organized flat-viewing helps you find your new flatmate stress free. Read on, if you want to know how to plan and run a viewing.

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During the first meeting, the current residents of the shared flat can ask the interested parties questions and tell them about life in their flatshare. In return, the applicants can talk about themselves.

To guarantee a harmonious and uncomplicated life in a flatshare, the residents’ basic attitudes should match. Numerous changes of residents can change the positive prevailing mood. When somebody moves out, all residents have to take some time to look for a suitable flatmate. In the following, you will find helpful tips on how to organize a room viewing in a flatshare.

Planning a room viewing in a flatshare

The planning begins even before creating an offer. Check with your flatmates when they are available for a viewing. Ideally, you’ll find at least three days with multiple appointments and already note down the dates in the ad. Ask the applicants to state in their requests on which of these dates they are available. That saves you further questions and makes your planning a lot easier.

After the ad for the available room is online , many applicants will contact you within a short time. It’ss best to immediately sort them. Is there something in the application that makes you curious? Decide together which applicants will be invited for a flat-viewing. Remember to invite only one candidate per appointment and plan 30 minutes for each of them. If the appointment doesn’t last as long, you will have time to discuss your impressions with your flatmates instantly. Together, think about which questions you want to ask. Why is the applicant looking for a room? What interests does he/she have? Does he/she want a flatshare of convenience or not?

An important point when preparing a viewing is to clean the room which is up for rent and to make sure that the entire flat is as clean and tidy as even possible. Remember, you’re not the only one deciding whether the applicant moves in or not. He or she is going to think about whether he/she likes the room, the flat and the flatmates, as well.

Prepare glasses and drinks and maybe even some snacks or sweets for every appointment. A cozy atmosphere makes it easier to get to know someone. Also make sure that you have paper and pen or a digital alternative close by to note down the contact details of the candidate. That completes the planning of the flatshare viewing. Now you are ready to meet your potential flatmate for the first time.

How to proceed at a room viewing in a flatshare?

 A group of four young people with different nationalities sitting together talking.
The residents of a flatshare can ask the applicant questions and talk about life in a shared flat.

Start the appointment by showing the interested party the room that’s up for rent and afterwards the rest of the flat. During that time the other flatmates usually wait in the kitchen or living room – the place where the further conversation takes place in a cozy atmosphere. Ask the applicant the questions you have prepared with your flatmates in advance in a friendly manner. Do not interrogate the applicant. Also, casting questions like “If you were an animal, which one would you be?” or a test-cleaning usually are not received well. Give the applicant time to ask questions him-/herself. This way a laid-back conversation will develop quickly.

Talk about things worth knowing in your flatshare and about living together – for example that you have a cleaning schedule or that you share certain groceries or cleaning products. Spontaneous, unplanned conversations often occur if you like the applicant. Note down the contact details of the applicant at the end of the viewing and ask them to report back on whether they are still interested or not. This way, you can already cross a few candidates off your list. Also inform them about the date the flatshare residents will make a decision and when you are going to get in touch with them again.

The "agony" of choice 

After the viewings took place, you as a flatshare decide which applicant will become part of your shared flat. The more you learned about the applicants during the appointments, the easier your choice will be. The decision for a candidate doesn’t have to be unanimous. All flatmates should, however, consent and no one should be overruled.

When the decision has been made, contact your future roommate. Don’t forget to inform the other applicants as well. By the way: How many applicants a flatshare invites differs a lot – some choose a new flatmate out of three, others from 20 personal meetings.

You don’t live in a flatshare, but own a flat and you’re looking for a new tenant? We’ve compiled some information on how to organize a flat-viewing in another article.

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