Students-only flatshare: live together, party together ...

The students-only flatshare is the most popular form of living for students. One out of four students takes this chance to live cheap and to socialize.

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The most popular form of living among students is living with like-minded people.


Since 2007, the number of students has increased by 40%, whereas the number of rooms in student residences has only increased by 5%. In this situation, students are in need of a residential alternative. Meanwhile, living together with fellow students in a flatshare is the most preferred form of living for students at German universities. 25% decide to live in a students-only flatshare, 23% are still living with their parents and 20% each live on their own or with their partner. 11% prefer living in a student residence. But what characterizes a students-only flatshare? What kind of advantages and disadvantages does it have?

Advantages and disadvantages of students-only flatshares

In order to study, many students move to a new city, where they initially don’t know anybody. A flatshare of students helps to get to know new people and to make friends. Thus, flatshares are a kind of modern network. In a students-only flatshare people with a similar lifestyle live together. This makes cohabitation much easier: the flatmates can party together and understand when one of them can’t be addressed after a night of studying before an important exam.

For many students from abroad, the students-only flatshare is a chance to exchange with others and to improve their language skills.  Regardless of the nationalities of the inhabitants, the main reason why living in flatshares is so popular is saving costs. Living in a flatshare is up to 35% cheaper than renting a single flat. This also depends on the size of the flatshare. The bigger the flat, the smaller the prize per square meter. This usually means that the more flatmates a flat is hosting, the less each one has to pay.

But life in a students-only flatshare isn’t always problem-free. Everyone has to show consideration for the others and make compromises. It is difficult when one resident has a different sense of cleanliness than his flatmates, for example. Or when one flatmate needs silence for studying and another one invites fellow students. If you live in a flatshare you need to be able to overlook the dirty pan in the sink or the not emptied washing machine. In order to avoid such conflicts permanently, it is useful to move together with like-minded-people and maybe found a new flatshare like a party flatshare, an eco-flatshare or a smoker flatshare.

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Before you start your search, think about what kind of students-only flatshare suits you.

How to look for a flatshare successfully

Especially for students-only flatshares it is important that you start searching at the right time. Right before the start of a new semester many students start to look for a flatshare. So, at that time there is a great rush. If you do your viewings during the semester or at the beginning of the holidays, you have less competition and thus a higher chance of finding a suitable flatshare.

If you didn’t find a suitable offer among the many flatshare ads or if you want to save the effort of rummaging through the ads, you can found your own flatshare. This has the advantage that you can choose the flat and your future flatmates. At that, candidates who bring useful stuff like a vacuum or a coffee machine are preferred. It is important to discuss who will be the main tenant and who the subtenant. There is the possibility that all flatmates become main tenants, as well. Searching a flat in cities with a competitive housing market is not easy.

But many landlords like to rent their flats to flatshares because this way, they don’t need to look for the next tenant afterwards. When searching for a flat, you need to make sure that it is suitable for a flatshare. Therefor you can use the filter “share flat possible”. So if you want to found a new flatshare, you need to make a plan and be prepared

Whether you found a new flatshare or you move into an existing one – the high popularity of students-only flatshares shows that this form of living is an important experience for students.

How to find a students-only flatshare on

If you want to find a students-only flatshare please click the button “OFFERS” in the main menu and select the section “FLATSHARES”. Please click the link “more options” in the overview. When you click the link “Flatshare types”, a list with the different types of flatshares appears. Please select “students only”. When you click the button “ENABLE FILTERS”, you select the offers that are marked as students-only flatshares by the advertisers. In another article you can learn how to find your dream flatshare in three quick and easy steps. We wish you much success!

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