Business flatshare: Co-living as an alternative for job nomads

The business flatshare is one of the newest flatshare types. It addresses professionals between the ages of 20 and 40 who do not stay in the same city for long.

flatmates in their business flatshare
Flatshare instead of a hotel room: Professionals who only need an accommodation temporarily, for example for the time of a project, live in a business flatshare.


Fixed-term contracts of employment or project works with different clients are not exceptional in today’s world of work. Those circumstances lead to frequent relocations. To make flat-hunting and moving to a new city as easy as possible, many commuters live in huge flatshares. Business flatshares are especially for professionals between the ages of 20 and 40 who move from city to city because of their jobs.

Cheaper and more convivial than a hotel room

For people who do not want to come home to an empty apartment after a long working day, business flatshares may be an alternative. Professionals and first-time employees can live together and establish private as well as business contacts. The social contact between the flatmates makes it easier to relax and to plan joint activities to explore the new city.
If one of the inhabitants has to move to another city because of a new job or project, he or she can leave the flatshare quickly. The leases are flexible and can be quit very fast, for example one can often leave the apartment with two weeks’ notice at the end of a month.

For everyone staying in a city only for a certain amount of time, a business flatshare is a cheaper and more convivial alternative to a hotel or boardinghouse. Many project workers who work a lot on weekdays and drive home on weekends settle for a room in a flatshare during the week. Often, there is not much time to look for a suitable flat in the new city, either. Professionals with demanding jobs do not need to care about furniture or telephone and internet connection in a business flatshare. Those things are usually included in the rent or can be added upon request.

For the tenants of the business flatshare it is also important to have distance from the “business”. During the weekend or after work they do not want to talk about stock prices or management strategies. Suit and tie are swapped for sweatpants and t-shirt. Even a business flatshare is a place to unwind after work and not only a means to an end. Although the inhabitants only stay temporarily, business flatshares do not necessarily need to be non-communal flatshares. Often the inhabitants are interested in joint activities with their flatmates.

XXL-flatshares in Hamburg and Düsseldorf

Apartments with exclusive equipment which are located in metropolitan areas with a good connection to public transport are particularly suitable for business flatshares. The rent often includes the costs for Wi-Fi, washing-up liquid and a professional cleaner.

The largest flatshare in Hamburg is a business flatshare, which was established in 2007 in an old hospital in Eppendorf. 56 inhabitants who need a short-term accommodation in thehanseatic city live there. The walk-in refrigerator in the kitchen is an eyecatcher which provides enough space to store the food of all inhabitants.

Bathtub in the bathroom
The high-class equipment is a feature of the business flatshare.

The residential project “WGU4” in Düsseldorf is more comfortable. Since 2010, there is enough space for 40 project managers, management consultants and others. The former office building provides 40 single-rooms in different sizes and two community spaces with kitchen and dining area. For convenience and relaxation after work the estate comes with high-end equipment, a fitness and wellness area with whirlpool and sauna as well as two big TV-lounges for the upcoming higher earners.

The business flatshare is not to be confused with the workers-only flatshare. The main difference is that in a workers-only flatshare the inhabitants usually stay for several years. This flatshare-type is thought to be a long-term solution and not as a means to an end until one has to move work-related to another city again.

How to find a business flatshare on

If you want to find a business flatshare please click “OFFERS” in the menu and select the section “FLATSHARES”. Now click “More Options” in the overview, click “Flatshare Types” and select “Business Flatshare”. By clicking “ENABLE FILTER”, you filter the offers for the ones marked as business flatshares by the advertisers.

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