Workers-only flatshare: "Students-only" is all past now

Due to its many advantages, living in a flatshare is also popular among professionals. The individual organization of the flatshare live depends on the inhabitants.

four flatmates cooking together
The inhabitants of a workers-only flatshare can enjoy home time together.


Being able to afford a big apartment together and not having to live on your own – the advantages of living in a flatshare are not only appreciated by students. Therefore, nowadays many professionals live in workers-only flatshares as well, although they could easily afford an apartment on their own. Some just carry on their student existence, while others move in a flatshare during their education and stay for several years. The workers-only flatshare differs from the students-only flatshare mainly in the higher age of the inhabitants and in the often more exclusive equipment.

Advantages of workers-only flatshares

With the university degree in your pocket and the first job in view, it would be financially possible to rent your own apartment. However, many professionals do not want to live alone and are looking for social connection in a flatshare. At the same time, many of them want to improve their living situation: from the chaotic students-only flatshare to the chic workers-only flatshare. Because of the better financial situation that comes with a job, professionals can afford a bigger room, a better location or a high-quality furnishing. Hence, the times of single-layer toilet paper and blunt knives are over, and the inhabitants enjoy the privileges of a modern fitted kitchen or a professional cleaner.

Some young professionals start with doing one internship after another and working people change their jobs from time to time as well. Both result in frequent relocations. Workers-only flatshares offer the possibility to arrange such moves more easily because a flatshare usually comes with all important household appliances and the new inhabitant can immediately use the already existing telephone and internet connection. Flatmates share a lot of things – housekeeping and leisure time as well. When moving to a new city, a flatshare allows you to get to know new people easily and to feel at home soon.

Find out how you want to live in a flatshare

 Cleaning lady with cleaning supplies
Goodbye cleaning schedule: Workers-only flatshares often afford a professional cleaner.

Live in a workers-only flatshare is as diverse as its inhabitants. Thus, living together can resemble a non-communal flatshare, or a smoker flatshare, in which everything is about fags, or a casual students-only flatshare. As with all flatshare-types, it is crucial that the inhabitants match: Someone who enjoys inviting friends will not be happy with a flatmate who wants everyone to be quiet because he or she goes to bed at 9 p.m. Therefore, homogenous workers-only flatshares, where the inhabitants have a similar lifestyle, are crucial for a harmonious flatshare live.

Do not mix up the workers-only flatshare with the business flatshare. The difference: The business flatshare works more like a hotel substitute and is intended for workers between the ages of 20 and 40 who only stay in one city for a few months due to their job. Whereas in a workers-only flatshare, the inhabitants stay for a longer term and often spend time together. Although living in a flatshare usually gets replaced by more classical constellations over time, such as the family or the couple, the workers-only flatshare often lasts for several years.

How to find a workers-only flatshare on

If you want to find a workers-only flatshare please click the button “OFFERS” in the menu and select the section “FLATSHARES”. Now click “More Options” in the overview, click “Flatshare Types” and select “Workers Only”. By clicking “ENABLE FILTER”, you filter the offers for the ones marked as workers-only flatshares by the advertisers. If you have found a suitable advertisement you should not hesitate to contact the inhabitants of the flatshare. In another article you will find an example of a successful flatshare application.

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