Flatshare search: The best way to persuade your future flatmates

The last step of your flatshare search is the apartment viewing. Read more about how to convince about yourself and how to beat your competitors here.


The final stage of your flatshare search is the interview with your future flatmates. Read here how you can convince them that you are the best candidate for the room by using these simple, yet essential, dos and don'ts.

Dos for the flatshare interview

Prepare yourself: Be sure to come to the interview prepared. Make sure you know the basic details of the room/advertisement like: room size, rental price or accessory charges, etc. Needing to ask your future flatmates these types of details again will make you look unorganized. You should also have researched and learned the route to the apartment before the interview. Turning up on time is a good thing. Turning up late is a good way to ensure you get rejected. Expect to get tested in different ways by the flatshare residents. Perhaps they will ask you about what you think about washing dishes - while the question may appear to be casual, they are more than likely judging your answer very carefully to help determine how clean you are likely to be. Or perhaps they may ask you to fill out a questionnaire. It is important to deal with these situations confidently and receptively.

Initiate conversations:Before the interview, think of a few topics of conversation, in order to avoid awkward silences. The best topics of conversation is about them. If the advertisement mentions any personal information (that they like pets, what they are studying, what they like to do in their spare time, etc.) try to start a conversation with them about it. If you have some common ground with them, even better. If the advertisement lacked any clues to help you come up with conversation points, you can typically get some clues once you are inside the flat. Can you see a musical instrument or a piece of exercise equipment laying around? Are there lots of indoor plants? Do you see any pet food/water bowls on the floor? What about wall hangings such as painting and posters? These are all hints of what you could start a conversation about. Another great idea is to casually mention any extra items that you would be happy to share with the household. Do you have a flat screen TV you want to put in the living room? Or a nice sound system? What about a Netflix account? Or maybe a coffee machine for the kitchen? Anything like this can give you a crucial advantage.

Moving in to the new flatshare
Flatshare search: Success at the flatshare viewing with our dos and don'ts.

Get in touch after the visitation: If you liked the room and the flatshare, be sure to get back in touch again with the residents. This way you make sure that you keep yourself fresh in their mind and make a likeable impression. Some advertisers even only provide feedback to those applicants who got back in contact with them of their own initiative. If you want to be successful with the flatshare search, make sure that you let the flatshare know that you are interested.

Don’ts for the flatshare visitation

Talking without thinking: You should stop yourself from sayinginappropriate remarks. If, for example, you find out one of the flatmates is a vegetarian, do not make fun of them or say things like "My food eats your food". Such remarks are a good way to guarantee you get rejected.

Being moody: Nobody wants to have grumpy roommates. Keep in mind that you are only one of many applicants - the advertisers will be unsympathetic to your mood and choose another applicant. While inspecting the flat avoid whining about anything. Do not complain about how exhausting the flatshare search has been. Disparaging statements as: “Actually, I wanted to study/live somewhere else” make you appear unlikable. Defend yourself from potentially feeling low by not arranging too many flatshare inspections on one day.

Coming accompanied: Do not come accompanied by someone else. The flatmates want to meet you as a potential roommate - they do not want to (at this stage) meet your friends or family. If you arrive at the front of the door accompanied by your parents, you risk appearing as unexperienced or needy. Your future roommates do not want to risk having to mother or look after you.

If you consider these dos and don’ts at your flatshare viewing, nothing stands in the way of a successful search. Good luck!

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