Setting priorities: How to manage a successful flatshare search

If you want your flatshare search to be completed quickly, you must determine some basic information.

Checklist for your flatshare hunting
Prioritizing important basic information is crucial for a quick success at the flatshare search.


The most important thing in a nutshell:

  • Rate important key data such as flat share type, budget, size, furnishings, and location according to their importance from 1 to 10.

  • Think about what is important to you when living together, how much rent you can afford and what the minimum size of the room should be.

  • The better the furnishings, the higher the rent you will have to pay. A flat share that is close to university or centrally located is also more expensive.  Alternatively, you can prioritize a good connection to public transport higher.

  • Is a short term rent also an option? Especially at the beginning of the semester, your chances can be increased by extending your search to the rent type “short term”.

  • Realistic goals that take your needs and financial possibilities into account and a willingness to compromise will lead you to your goal.

  • We wish you every success in your search!


An essential step in your flatshare search is to figure out what you desire of your future home. Draw up a list of different criteria and rate their importance from 1 to 10. That way you will easily be able to see what is most important to you, and more importantly, where you would be most willing to make compromises regarding your future residence. If you want your flatshare search to be over quickly, you have to determine and prioritize the following basic information.

Flatshare type, budget and size are the most important basic information

The flatshare type: There are many different types of flatshares. Ranging from the no communal flatshare (where you simply rent the room with no to minimal interaction with anyone else living in the property), to party flatshares, to nudist flatshares, the market has plenty to offer for everyone. As such, you need to reflect about what kind of flatshare you would like to be part of. Are you new in town and looking for a friendly flatshare where the people interact with each other? If so, make sure you find one that puts an emphasis on an active flat hare life and common activities. Students live best with like-minded people in a students’ flatshare or workers flatshare. Here, residents are considerate of each other’s space and the need for quiet time. They also typically have similar daily routines. Mixed flatshares are very popular with bigger corporations, starting from four people. This creates the necessary balance between the genders and counteracts unnecessary disputes.

The budget: Everyone who is currently looking for a flatshare knows the housing shortage is vast. Especially in popular university cities, demand often exceeds supply. Hence, prices are on the rise, especially in central districts. Nevertheless, you should determine what your maximum budget for rent is and do not forget to consider to factor in if utility costs are included or not, as well as predetermined rent increase. Also, do not forget to investigate what the typical prices are in the location you wish to move to. If you want to live in an expensive area, you may find that your budget is too low.

The size: Often, the size of the room is what people compromise on, and they end up with a smaller room than they had initially hoped for. While a large room is great, budget constraints often make this impossible. However, you must carefully consider what is the smallest room size you will be prepared to take. If you are currently studying (or plan to in the near future) it is essential that you find a room that is large enough for you to set up a functional study space. If you have other furniture you plan to bring with you, but you cannot afford a room big enough for it all, consider what items you would be prepared to sell or put in storage.

Prioritize furnishing, location and rental type

The furnishing: Consider if you are looking for a furnished room or not. If so, you may be lucky to find a room that comes furnished free of charge. But sometimes there will be a fee to buy the previous furniture, or at the very least expect to pay more in rent than you would if the room was unfurnished. Be sure to determine what kind of furniture (if any at all) to be provided with your room. And be sure to budget what it will cost you to buy these items if you cannot find a furnished room that meets your requirements. As for the rest of the property, also ask yourself, “is a dish washer and other such items really essential?” The better the furnishing of the property, the higher the rental prices will be.

Modernly equipped kitchen
Determine at the beginning of your flatshare search, how important convenient furnishing is for you.

The location: If you want to live central or near university, you have to expect higher rental costs and take them into account. If you do not own a car, good connection to public transportation is crucial. However, if your time and/or budget are short, consider expanding your search to surrounding districts and areas. The demand for rooms is generally smaller there and the rental prices are often considerably lower. Sometimes you just have to find as good a compromise as possible: not too far away nor too central

The rental type: Be sure to consider how long you want to live in the flatshare for. Some rooms are only for very short term rent, others for 6 months, and others for a minimum of one year. If you only need a room for a short to medium term rental (perhaps you are only studying in that location for one semester or you need to complete an internship), be sure to check out the lease agreement to ensure you are not entering into a longer contract. Shorter term leases have the added advantage that they often come furnished. If you are searching for something more long term during peak season, but are finding it hard to find something suitable, you may want to consider something shorter term. This means that you have a roof over your head now and that during the low season you can start your search again when there are more properties on the market.

Set realistic goals for your flatshare search, that consider your needs but also your financial situation. Be ready to compromise and reduce your requirements a little. That way, you will find suitable offers quicker and easier. You should start your search today and browse through the listing on Maybe your dream flatshare is already there!

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