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Flatshare hunting: How to successfully write your application

Some founder when writing the application letter. To make sure you stand the best chance of having your application stand out from the crowd just read on.


Advertisers can receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications within a few days. The majority of applications simply get ignored because they do not meet the expectations of the advertiser. To ensure your application does not get lost in all the others, and to get invited to a visit, you should consider the following dos and don’ts.

Dos for the flatshare application

Be candid: Your future roommates will be constantly assessing whether inviting you to live with them is likely to work or not. You should ensure that your application is detailed and personal. Part of a successful flatshare application, besides standard information like your name and age, should contain personal information such as your favorite food, taste of music, what you do in your spare time, if you like to travel and everything else that appears to be important to you. This helps to establish a personal connection with them. A photo or a link to the Facebook profile will also help the residents of the flatshare to get an idea of who you are, reinforcing the personal connection you started to build in your application text.

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Tip for the flatshare application: Indicate your contact information and stay reachable.

Stay reachable: Your contact information is also crucial for the advertiser. Be sure to provide your mobile and telephone number, as well as your email address, in order to be reachable. Because of countless queries, you should assume that the advertisers will not bother to ask for that information should you not provide it in your first contact. It is also helpful to let them know what times you prefer to be contacted.

Respond to the advertisement: Ensure your cover letter responds precisely to the description of the flatshare advertisement. For instance, if the residents ask in their advertisement about your hobbies, you should mention them in your message. Other important information you may want include is if you smoke, if you will bring something with you and what standards of cleanliness you will bring to your future home. With an individualized flatshare application you will appeal to the advertiser in a positive way and maximize your chances to be invited to inspect the room and meet them in person.

Don'ts for the flatshare application

Don’t use empty phrases: Avoid empty or standard phrases. Sentences like: “I am tidy and neat but I am not too fussy.” or “I like going out in the evening, but also enjoy a quiet night at home” appear like you have made no effort in your application. Instead, give real examples: “I like to watch DVDs on quiet evenings. My favorite director is Quentin Tarantino and I have all of his movies. Obviously, my roommates are more than welcome to watch them with me.” If you do not provide personal information in your application, the advertiser is unlikely to notice you - your application will likely get lost in the crowd.

Structure your query: Advertisers are unlikely to read every word of your application searching for the important information about you. You should ensure your application is structured correctly. It should not be overly short, but not should it be too long. If your application looks like a novel, it will be ignored. Provide the most important facts at the beginning of your application to make it easier for the advertiser. This should include your name, age, and the reason for your move and other relevant information such as your standards of cleanliness, if you smoke, if you own pets, etc. Then you should provide detailed information about yourself. This could include things like your hobbies, music tastes, if you like to cook, etc. Be sure to place your contact details clearly and neatly at the end of your application. The advertiser should easily be able to find your contact details.

Don’t write to every advertisement: Do not contact flatshares that do not match your character, lifestyle or expectations. For instance, if you were to contact a flatshare that is smoke-free and you are a chain smoker, you are simply wasting your and their time. Make sure that you read the advertisement and only contact them if you truly believe it is a good match for you.

If you follow these dos and don'ts, nothing will get in the way of an invitation to a visitation and a successful conclusion of your flatshare search. Read our example of a successful flatshare application for inspiration now.

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