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Mixed-gender flatshare with men and women: A good balance

In a mixed-gender flatshare women and men live together in one apartment. Many flatshares prefer the mix of both genders living together and therefore keep the balance.

	 Young people sitting on a couch and talking to each other
While having fun together in the new mixed-gender flatshare, it can get a bit crowded on the couch.

In a mixed-gender flatshare women and men live together in one apartment. Many flatshares prefer the mix of both genders living together and therefore keep the balance.A females-only flatshare? Too many catfights. A flatshare with only male inhabitants? Too messy. The perfect solution? A varied patchwork flatshare in which women and men live together in perfect harmony. An absolute idyll – so much for the clichés.

Like for every other flatshare-type, the careful choice of the future flatmate is important. A precise analysis of the existing flatshare and its inhabitants would be the optimal base for searching a new flatmate. This way you can compare interests, age and your idea of living together in a flatshare in advance.

To vibe with somebody – Which flatshare is the one?

Actually, many flatshares prefer a mix of female and male inhabitants to keep everything in balance. Often it is a conscious decision of the flatshare members and sometimes it just comes about. Living together in a flatshare works best if the inhabitants do not commit themselves to one gender in advance but choose the future flatmate based on sympathy. A pure female or males-only flatshare is not per se better or worse than a mixed one. Every inhabitant has to decide on his or her own which flatmate he or she feels most comfortable with.

However, there is one thing that most flatshares have in common: They do not think that couples fit well into a flatshare because of the hormone-related couple formation. This phenomenon is also known by the silent admirer of sweetie and honey in the so-called cliché-flatshare. To minimize the potential for conflicts, it is, as with every other flatshare-type, important to find like-minded people. For example, a smoker should preferably move into a smoker-flatshare while workaholics probably fit best into a business flatshare.

A community in which female and male inhabitants share a flat can be one out of several flatshare-types. Women and men can live together in a students-only flatshare, a workers-only flatshare, a business flatshare or in a varied-age flatshare. At an older age, the 50+flatshare and the seniors-only flatshare are also an option.

Goodbye clichés – Mixed-gender flatshares as a chance

Man with cleaning supplies and woman with tools.
Profits can be made by living in a mixed-gender flatshare and by not always taking on the usual jobs!

How freely the inhabitants of a mixed-gender flatshare can develop depends on the individual situation. Some people cannot imagine having actual privacy in a mixed-gender flatshare, and indeed, some compromises are always necessary in a flatshare. For example, what if you need to sneak back into your room after showering because you forgot your towel? On the other hand, life in a mixed-gender flatshare can be very enriching. If the communication works well, a mixed-gender flatshare offers a great possibility to learn from the other gender and to turn around common gender roles. Fixing the drainpipe can become a funny challenge then. Fact is: if the chemistry is right between the inhabitants, you’ll always have someone of the other sex to talk to and to exchange views with.
Some people might think the mixed-gender flatshare is only for people under the age of 30. But that is wrong. Living together in a mixed-gender flatshare can be very interesting especially for people over the age of 50 because of their life-experience. What might sound strange at first is not uncommon anymore. If the own family is not there anymore or if one just wants to try something new, a 50+ flatshare can be a whole new experience and challenge. This flatshare-type is a nice possibility for people who do not want to be lonely and would like to have some company in their home. Living in a 50+ flatshare has a lot of advantages: Among others the inhabitants can help each other with housekeeping or daily life issues. The areas of interest are often similar, which makes it easier to plan joint activities such as visiting cultural programs.

How to find a mixed-gender flatshare on WG-Gesucht.de

If you want to find a mixed-gender flatshare please click the button “OFFERS” in the menu and select the section “FLATSHARES”. Now click “More Options” in the overview, click “Flatshare Types” and select “Mixed Gender”. By clicking “ENABLE FILTER”, you filter the offers for the ones marked as mixed-gender flatshares by the advertisers.

To increase your chances of being picked by the flatshare of your dreams, we have collected the most important tips for you. You should consider them in your flatshare application. We hope you find your new home with your perfect flatmates soon!

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